The 14-year-old daughter of Irena and Skint, Elle is a very typical young girl on the verge of womanhood. She knows that marriage will come soon, and both anticipates the adulthood it brings with it, and fears the uncertainty of change. Somewhat less flighty than her mother, she shares the same gift for song and a startling beauty that has left her father worried for several years, and anxious for her to wed.

Elle has little true ambition in life, having never really thought it could be other than as it has “always” been— children learn the trade of their fathers, wives help as they can while tending the children, and daughters marry into the family of their husbands, learning their craft and trade. Sons, for their part, learn a trade— either at their father’s side, or as an apprentice— and marry, sire children, and provide for their wives. Though wandering bards have of course brought tales of gigantic cities, that life could be truly different than it is in town is simply a thought too great for her to really grasp… not because she is stupid, but simply because her experience has been so utterly limited.

Recently, Elle has found herself attracted to her father’s apprentice, Skeel. The cooper’s son, she hopes that her father and Brelgh will agree to marriage plans; she truly does think she could love Skeel, and is fond of his father.


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