Brelgh’s father and the oldest man in Speardale, Mirel is a toothless geezer with more love of life than most chidren. A constant flirt with any woman he sees— even Milde— Mirel has an equally strong reputation as their defender against drunkards or louts who might seek too great a license with any woman. While he adopts a carefree attitude, the truth of the matter is that Mirel is as fiercely intelligent as he is playful, and nothing passes in the town that he doesn’t see and understand immediately. One of the original settlers of Speardale, Mirel never speaks of his younger days, and none would ever guess that the former cooper’s history is a web of intricate lies; indeed, until his son Brelgh was born, Mirel was thorough wretch.

Born in Amn, Mirel— then Samel Jens— found no gift in trade but exceptional gift in theft and, eventually, murder. Though never a true adventurer, he was highly adventurous, caprcious, and calculating and ascended quickly in the ranks of the Shadow Thieves. A highly wanted figure, he was also exceptionally stealthy and cautious; he was wanted only as a pseudonymn. Even within the Shadow Thieves guild itself, he was a persona, never a real individual. His public identity was extraordinarily clean, and was ultimately the cause of his fall out with the Shadow Thieves.

In public, Samel was as well-to-do minor nobleman’s son and a well known fop and layabout who was nonetheless astute in political matters and always seemed to know the latest, most juicy rumors. Within the role of respectability (of a sort), he interacted with the highest of Amn’s society, and over a time found himself deeply— and, surprising no one more than himself— honestly in love with a young belle of equal station, Eilly. A charming, pure-hearted, and truly benevolent soul, Eilly for her part found the mildly roguish, confident, and charming Samel a perfect blend of outlaw and prince charming and, after frequent rebuffs at his attentions, found herself truly enjoying the verbal sparring and banter the two would engage in at parties and other social functions. Indeed, when the day came that Samel missed a gala, she found she truly cared for the lout.

Their marriage followed a standard courtship period, and the two lived a year in utter bliss, albeit for Eilly blissful ignorance. Though even less of a risk-taker than he had been before, Samel nonetheless still worked for and with the Shadow Thieves, still murdered and stole. Even so, the best have their off days, and even the best can get caught. Distracted by a high fever Eilly was suffering late in her pregnancy, Samel failed to notice an ambitious young Tirmen following him after an assassination; when the young footpad reported that Samel was the mysterious Shroud, the fall out was nearly immediate. His father’s holdings were quickly the target of jealous and vengeful members of the Shadow Thieves who deeply resented Samel’s success and lack of devotion. Samel himself, and those who had prospered by his success, responded in turn. The underworld of Amn was set ablaze and into abject chaos in the civil war that followed.

As with all escalations, the war reached an eventual peak, when the day after Brelgh was born, Tirmen— hoping to make his own name— snuck into Samel’s home hoping to assassinate the new father. Things went awry, however, and Samel left suddenly to respond to a threat on his father. The desperate, evil Tirmen decided not to leave the home without a trophey, and settled for Samel’s greatest treasure— his wife. Raping her before slitting her throat and cutting out her heart, Tirmen misjudged his time and was only leaving the home when Samel returned. Seeing the young thief, Samel responded with instant violence, and slew Tirmen before he even knew what the rogue had done. When he discovered Eilly dead, Samel’s rage grew an hundred fold. Convinced the wretch could not have acted so boldly without orders, Samel moved from a war of command to a war of decimation. Taking his son to a hidden location dozens of miles away, Samel then returned and laid utter waste to the Shadow Thieves… less than one in fifty who opposed him survived his onslaught. Their families, their friends, their business contacts… his efficiency and ruthlessness remains legendary in Amn. Less than two years later, with the last of those above Tirmen and their contacts dead, Samel simply vanished.

Adopting the name Mirel, he took his son and moved as far away as he might, adopting the guise of the youngest son of a cooper, finished with his apprenticeship but from a town too small to support himself and his brothers. Brilliant, and with just enough magic to fake his way until he could actually master the craft, Mirel has avoided his deep past for the last 40 years, and plans to keep it that way. Ironically, he has found life more fulfilling and finds himself happier in Speardale than he ever did pursuing wealth and adventure; still, for all his darkness he has never lost a night’s sleep over his misdeeds, and should he perceive the need to, he would slaughter everyone in Speardale (except his son and grandchildren), without batting an eye.


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