The town blacksmith, Skint is a weathered, bronzed man of patient words and deliberate thought. With a mentality perfectly suited for the repetitious, blistering requirements of his craft, Skint is known throughout the area as dependable, honest, and courageous: the scars he bears on his face and arms came from a confrontation with a dire bear. When Skint was in his mid twenties, Brelgh’s middle son had been lost in the woods; when Skint found the boy, he was foolishly playing with a dire bear’s cub— and the mother found her offspring at the same time as Skint. Quickly whistling alarm, Skint interposed himself between the boy and the mother, and pushed the cub between himself and the mother. Not placated, she attacked; fortunately for Skint, he had brought a spear, and was able to fend her off long enough for others from the town to arrive and ward her off. He spent weeks in recorvrey, even with Olga’s attentions, but his story became something of a legend in the town.

Skint devotedly loves Irena, and treasures her perhaps more deeply than she loves herself. He is aware of her vanity and pride in her former good looks, and finds the obsession of her noisome at times, but also recognizes the good that is in her now, and would probably find her more beautiful if she would accept her age and work with it rather than against it.



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