A special note on magic

Magic follows the skill system found in The Black Company Campaign Setting.

Magic Items are incredibly rare, even for PCs, with the lone exception of +1 – 5 weapons and armor (no properties). These bonuses stack with Quality Bonuses.

Less than one in ten thousand people born has the capacity to use magic; of these, skill follows a relative bell-curve, with “moderate” levels (ie— most common capacity), amounting to little more than parlor tricks. The truly powerful are rarer than one born in a generation; their relative abundance owes more to their longevity and notability than to their actual frequency amongst the population.

Magic has one great limitation: while it can distort normal laws and rules of physics, it cannot be used on the individual manipulating it. It does bring with use a certain preservation, but the inability to strengthen oneself with it has led to moderate degrees of cooperation amongst mages, as well as created a need to protect themselves through mundanes.

A special note on magic

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