The planet on which Andril is the major continent. To the southwest lies Mannalien, now a blasted wasteland but formerly home to the Elves empire. To the east and to the west, archipelagos that house rival merchant empires vie for supremacy of the waves. If the merchant navies know of any lands further east or west, they have kept the knowledge carefully concealed. South of Mannalien, a small, desert continent bakes throughout the year; it was explored long in the past, but with day-time temperatures exceeding 150 degrees in the summer, and no recorded rainfall since its discovery, the land was long ago abandoned as too hostile for humanoid life. Even the hot-bellied dragons avoid the continent, as there isn’t enough life to feed them.

The planet itself is only vaguely Earth-like. It does have seasons, but they are less the result of axial tilt and more a matter of a highly elliptic orbit. Peranorn has 6 moons, none the size of Earth’s, though one, Sulfatara, is close enough to appear roughly the same size as our moon. During the summer, Sulfatara is the only moon that can totally eclipse the sun, but two others- Irisiri and Psomnas- can eclipse the sun during the winter solstice (see Astronomy of Peranorn for more information).

Sulfatara has the greatest influence on Peranorn’s tides, though Irisiri and Psomnas in opposition exert a greater force together. The oceans are, for the most part, shallower than Earth’s, though the deepest trenches dip below the crust and boil in the mantle. Similarly, most of Peranorn’s landscape is flat, relatively even; the mountain ranges, however, can dwarf our Himalayas; Kitanthars Peak, the highest point on Andril, reaches nearly half again as high as Mount Everest, and is one of three highly active volcanoes on the continent (see Geology of Peranorn for more information)).

Peranorn lacks some of the fundamental physical properties of Earth. The strong and weak nuclear forces do not exist; instead, elemental affinity (earth, water, wind, fire), bind atoms. This results in some molecules existing that would be impossible on Earth, and other abundant molecules being impossible on Peranorn. The force of magic is also a real, knowable power, not a spiritual delving. Magic, like gravity, is a true force in Peranorn’s system, though one far more readily manipulated. Unlike gravity, Peranorn’s magic depletes over time with use, only restoring itself slowly, and where magic deserts form, truly bizarre changes take place (see Magic of Peranorn for more information); imagine if, say, electromagnetism simply did not exist in any given point on Earth.


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