The capital of Bornhold, the Ironhalls rule perhaps the most blasted land in Andril. The city itself is nestled in the mountains near the Northlands, and though Bornhold lays some claim to authority in the north, the claims are empty words.

The city of Ironhalls itself certainly doesn’t match the idea of a powerful capital. Though the innermost sanctum of the city is surrounded by fairly traditional stone walls and military posts, thousands of log-cabin style lodges have sprouted along its outskirts, with those nearest the gray walls moss-covered and smoke stained. Most lodges home several generations of the same family, most consisting of miners and loggers with few artisans or scholars among the bunch. The free, mannish nature of the city leaves a very rustic, campish feel to any outsiders who visit, and provides a stark contrast to the rest of the nation.

The inner city, however, lives in stark contrast to the outer section. Strictly a military dwelling, the inner city houses Bornhold’s army, as well as most of the “essential” master craftsman—carpenters, blacksmiths, masons and the like. Manned by nearly a standing army, the Ironhalls is one of the few capitals that has never hired Mannite mercenaries to aid their defense. Grim, gray, and gruff, the inner Ironhalls is a military outpost; it exists in a constant state of military preparedness even though it has not been engaged in war for several generations—not since the last horde of barbarians swept through to the south as so many locust.

Economically, Ironhalls is shifting from mining to timber as its main sources of income. The vast forests retreat further and further each year, but Beranil, the Isle of Mann, and Thrainold have been purchasing lumber at escalating rates. The leadership—fully aware of the dangers of exhausted supply as they’ve witnessed in their mines—have begun encouraging the growth and planting of saplings to replace ancient timbers, and so far have had great success. However, in spite of the dying mines and the increased demand for the northern softwood lumber, the Ironhalls is still a mining city. Iron is harder to find, but that simply means miners actually need to excavate to find it, instead of prying exposed veins from mountainsides. The gold, silver, and copper mines are still reliable, and a newly found vein of mythril has the local artisans—as well as the distant dwarves—excited.


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